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About Me

I have over 10 years experience in communications and marketing with speciality in business strategy and planning, event management, copy writing and B2B partnerships. I am now focusing on helping coaches and consultants generate more leads online. 

I have a strong background in volunteering and community engagement and currently co-lead the BMW Responsible Leaders UK Network.  Prior to launching Jen Bishop Consulting, I facilitated the Australian Pro Bono Network in partnership with key corporates and hosting several national and international conferences. You can hear more about this work via this interview with Impact Boom

I have an undergrad in English Literature and regularly blog about poetry, plays, film and literature online at Bear Skin Digital. 


As someone who is passionate about sustainable development and I cannot think of anything more impactful than investing in another person's business. is an angel investment platform facilitating repayable loans into micro businesses all around the world, reaching  those who are traditionally unbanked. The loans are repaid allowing the capital to be re-invested into other businesses creating a virtuous cycle of growth, employment and sustainable livelihoods.

Check out more about why I invest in Kiva and how much I'm investing on a regular basis. 

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