When selling to companies, as to individuals, it is critical to align your offer messaging with the objectives and goals of the prospective client. This requires not only knowing the objectives and goals but also the deeper desires and motivations that underpin these goals.

When a consultant is offering sustainability, wellness, life coaching, speaking skills or design to a corporate, connecting to what the company deeply wants can be an extra challenge. Believing your product or service is good in and of itself, good for the planet or good for people, will not be effective unless the service is also connected to business goals.

In short we cannot sell what we think a company needs, we can only sell what a company wants and then deliver what they need.

Company objectives can be reduced to three broad categories:

  • Profit

  • Productivity

  • Profile

If you are selling Fung Shui consulting services to companies your offer messaging can state:

"I help companies design work spaces that stimulate productivity and innovation."

Similarly, if you are selling sustainability consulting to companies, your offer messaging can state:

"I help corporates evaluate their impact on the community and environment, ensuring the long term profitability of the company and raising the profile of the firm as responsible and ethical."

In short, when pitching your product or service, do not offer a company what you think they need, offer them what you know they want, and then deliver what they need.

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(this works even if you hate promoting yourself or being salesy)

Do you know that most consultants believe that work must come by referrals and word of mouth?

Here's the problem you face: getting new clients cold is near to impossible and knowing someone on the inside of companies is often the only way to getting key meetings with decision makers. Which means that you work for the same clients time and time again without opportunity to expand your client base.

Luckily for you, there are millions of people on LinkedIn with a problem that you can solve. Since you have a valuable solution to offer, then conversations can be started with your ideal client every single day.

Step One - identify your ideal clients and key person of interest via LinkedIn search criteria

Step Two - add new people everyday with a warm introduction

Step Three - offer some of your free advice, tools, ebooks, webinars or training to open the conversation

Step Four - invite them to a short call where you can diagnose their problem in more detail and offer advice

Step Five - ask them if they want help solving it.

The BEST thing about this process is you do NOT need to be salesy, extroverted.

Here's to your best year in 2021 !

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If you are a coach or consultant who is accustomed to the feast or famine of client acquisition via referrals, word of mouth, networking and cold calling, the following five steps might be just what you need, to guarantee your calendar is full, with predictability every month.

(1) TARGET. The first step to filling your calendar with leads is to understand with utmost intimacy your ideal client, where they are, what they do, what pressures and challenges they face, what their dreams and desires are. When you know this about the client you're able to identify them in the crowd, filter them out and direct your efforts and conversations towards them. The more clients like this you have, the more you will know and understand them and the better you will be at picking similar targets in new groups. You will save a lot of time from a 'scatter-gun' approach, where you fire information at a broad group hoping to land one or two by chance. When you know your client like you know your best friend, targeting them and converting them to a client becomes much more efficient.

(2) MESSAGE. The second step to filling your calendar every month is to messages like arrows that cut through and pierce the ideal clients' heart, capturing their attention and their time. A message the flashes stimuli before your ideal clients speaking to their deepest pains and challenges and appealing to their deepest desires and dreams, will arrest their attention and leave them wanting more. For the message to cut through and penetrate the heart, your message can not just be information heavy but speak to their deep heart desires and agitated them to find out more.

(3) CHANNEL. The third step to filling your calendar each month with new clients is to focus your message on the one or two channels where your target is located. By focusing your energy in this way you are more likely to get returns for your efforts, than by spreading your energy across a range of channels. Many other channels are simply vanity channels, which of which do not reach your client anyway and are simply creating noise for others and a time drain for you. Take the one or two channels that reach 80% of your clients and focus your attention there.

(4) SYSTEM. The fourth step to filling your calendar with leads each month is to take the target who has been hit by the message on the right channel, and convert them into a paying client. We do this using the powerful message to invite them to free value in the form of a short training, a webinar, a downloadable PDF or e-book, or to gain access to some secrets or strategies that will immediately help them solve some of their pain and move towards their desire. In exchange of this free value, the target should give an email address or phone number which we can use to follow up with them. After they engage with the free value, we can invite them to get on a call and on this call we can diagnose their problem and offer our services as solution.

(5) REPLICATION. The fifth and final step to filling your calendar every month with leads is to efficiently repeat this process again and again with new leads. Clients who engaged with our free content who are not yet ready to buy from us can be added to groups or our mailing list along with current and past clients so we can continue to offer them value and future business service. You can use the message and free value over and over to target new potential clients on the same or new channels. You can invite clients to recommend or refer you to their friends and their stories and testimonials of results become powerful assets in your search for similar audiences with similar challenges and similar desires.

Once you have mastered these 5 Simple Steps you will be guaranteed to fill your calendar every month with new leads. I look forward to hearing that you no longer face a feast or famine in your coaching or consulting business with this simple formula.


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