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Is it worth it? What automation tool should I use?

If you are a B2B consultant or agency owner who is currently using LinkedIn and cold email as a lead generation method, then you know that:

  • manually researching leads,

  • personalising outreach,

  • adding connections on LinkedIn,

  • finding and validating email addresses,

  • sending and replying to messages,

  • nurturing relationships and following up leads

  • booking calls

…..can be VERY time-consuming.

A more cost-effective option is to use automation or tools designed to automate various tasks and cut down the time-consuming heavy lifting parts of the job.

The types of automation tools that I have experimented with include:

  • AI generated personalised lines [$99 USD/ month]

  • Personalised image or GIF creator [$99 USD/ month]

  • Email cleaning and validation [$30-$50 USD/ month]

  • Email sending [$30-$50 USD/ month per inbox]

  • LinkedIn connecting, liking and commenting, follow up messaging [$15 - $99 USD/ month]

  • Zaps such as logging leads into the CRM or triggering workflows [$10 USD/ month]

That’s between $200 USD - $500 USD per month [or more].

However, automation is limited.

While automation can radically shorten some tasks, pieces of work still need to be connected and coordinated by a human.

What automation CAN NOT do includes:

  • Create lists of target prospects

  • Research leads and create in-depth personalised outreach messages

  • Set up LinkedIn and email campaigns

  • Reply to messages

  • Follow up leads

  • Book calls

Moreover, automation tools are flawed and can create errors such as inserting the wrong name into a dynamic placeholder or they are limited in judgment to filter leads in a given list.

A human is still required to set up automation workflows and combine steps to handle anything unexpected or remotely intuitive or emotional.

So while automation is helpful, like any tool or software, it can never replace a human and require humans to steer and guide them.

Enter virtual assistants or VAs.

A VA is a junior staff member or offshore contractor who can handle large pieces of repetitive and manual tasks required to generate leads while maintaining a human touch.

A virtual assistant can:

  • Replace or manage an automated tool

  • Combine the automated steps and fulfil the tasks that automation cannot do [such as building lists or researching leads]

  • Humanise outreach and responses, catching errors before they occur

Moreover, an offshore VA costs similar to or marginally higher than automation tools, around $3/hr or $500 per month.

Having a full-time VA can help you streamline and systemise much of your processes and genuinely free you up to lead your team, focus on client delivery, handle sales calls and be the CEO of your company.

If you want help hiring and managing a VA, I can help you. Comment below or reply to this thread, and we can set up a short chat.

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If you are a business owner who is spending time on any of the following tasks:

  1. Researching leads on LinkedIn

  2. Adding prospects on LinkedIn

  3. Crafting personalised outreach messages for each new connection

  4. Liking and commenting on other people’s posts and content

  5. Posting your content on multiple social media platforms

  6. Handling inbound messages on social media

  7. Withdrawing pending connection requests regularly

  8. Finding valid email addresses for lists of leads

  9. Setting up and sending cold email campaigns to these leads

  10. Checking the inbox health of your cold email campaigns to make sure they are not going into spam or categories

  11. Handling standard replies and sending follow up messages

  12. Logging leads into your CRM

  13. Booking calls into your calendar

Then I’m sure you appreciate what a considerable time investment this is every week!!

It takes you away from the other important work you need to do:

  • handling client work,

  • creating valuable new content,

  • taking sales calls and sales meetings,

  • leading your team,

  • or generally being the CEO of your company.

But it also means that you can’t step away from your work for a week of a holiday without your lead flow drying up!!

To help you out, I have created a brand new training titled How to Use $3/ hr [USD] Virtual Assistants [VAs] to Book You 40 Calls A Month”.

You can check out the free training here.

We are also helping B2B consultancies and agencies to hire, train and manage their own VA in-house to help with the heavy lifting of cold outreach campaigns.

If you would like help to systemise and scale your LinkedIn and cold email campaigns using a VA, then reply to this email, and we can set up a short call.

LinkedIn is the 24/7 networking event or conference of your dreams.

There are several key steps required to using LinkedIn effectively and efficiently to fill up your pipeline with conversations and proposals:

Check the video of these step on YouTube here.

Step One: Optimise our profile so that within 60 seconds people can quickly assess our relevance and authority worth connecting with and engaging in a conversation.

Step Two: Target the right people so are filling our network with quality leads who are ready to buy

Step Three: Craft the right outreach message so that we can secure the first conversation of a relationship that can turn into business. Note - this does NOT entail cold pitching but offering value up front.

Step Four: Share the right content on LinkedIn to raise our authority, relevancy, and distinctiveness to our network and improving awareness and trust.

Step Five: Offer value up front in such a way that the barrier to entry is low [it's free] but the prospect receives immediate help solving a painful problem. This opens the door for a deeper conversation about how your services can solve the problem for the company.

I have filmed a 20 min training on exactly how you can follow these steps to fill up your pipeline with new business every month.

Check out the video training here on YouTube.

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