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Are You A Successful Business Owner?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

If you want to ask yourself whether you’re a successful business person, ask:

“Do I solve problems for people and businesses and get paid more money than it costs me to operate?”

Not, “Am I making more money than other business owners?” or “Am I building multiple streams of income?” or “Do I have an impressive annual turnover metric?”

Many business owners can boast of 7-fig or 8-fig turnover but spend as much as they earn [if not more] to keep the machinery running.

Just like writers must ask themselves daily “Am I writing?” instead of “Am I published?” or artists should ask “Am I creating” instead of “Am I celebrated and known?”

So too, being a successful business person is simple.

Solve problems [by providing products and services] as efficiently as possible.

Get paid in such a way that you can do solve more problems and help more people.

Are You A Successful Business Owner?
Are You A Successful Business Owner? | lead generation agency london


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