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Are You Networking Enough?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

There is a fortune in the follow-up

So many people have a network that they are not using

You might have hundreds or even thousands of LinkedIn connections that you have not messaged since first adding them.

You might have a database of old leads, calls you have conducted, ex-clients, people who said yes and then pulled out for one reason or another.

Even people who at one point said no - are contacts you can follow up with.

Have you messaged everyone in your LinkedIn network recently asking how they are doing?

Have you personally connected with your email list recently or do you just send a blast newsletter weekly or monthly?

Lead generation is about building your network but it’s also about following up with leads and connections in your CURRENT network.

Can you offer them new and updated value?

Do they have a new and pressing problem?

Do you have a new and innovative solution or offer since you last spoke?

Have you asked every ex-client for a referral or a recommendation?

Are You Networking Enough?
Are You Networking Enough? | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency


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