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Do you pay for leads?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

It's common for business owners who are prospecting B2B Leads to pay for lists of email leads for their ideal client - for example "Learning and Development Managers" within corporations.

I have recently spoken to several consultants and business owners who have spent between $100 USD up to $2000 USD for lists of 300 emails targeting key decision makers.

I have also had many business owners offer me commission fees for bringing them not only qualified leads but leads that convert into paying clients.

In other scenarios I have encountered business owners who have paid up to $10k USD for very slick funnels and landing pages for products that they cannot get any leads to or traffic to visit. They ultimately have very expensive window dressing.

The dilemma of being a business owner who has a brilliant offer, a service that works well and creates results, an appealing product - is that you need not only conversations with potential clients but the right type of conversations with the right people.

You need your offer messaging to connect with the right eyeballs and/or ears and to elicit a response that leads to a conversation.

The challenges with paying for leads from providers are several:

  1. If you are buying this list of leads, then so are others in your market which means the contacts on the list will be spammed by many inferior providers. This means cutting through the noise will be extra difficult and your outbound messaging may well be filed to junk before given a chance to see daylight.

  2. You cannot guarantee the validity of the list. If the emails were compiled several months ago, then the data may already be out of date as key people move roles and information changes.

A far superior strategy in my opinion is to subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Navigator for about $80 USD per month and at your fingertips are all the possible decision makers you can ask for, not only in the geographies you have been targeting but globally.

For a simple 10c per email or so you can use tools like to extract email data from Sales Navigator lists you have created and for an extra 5c per email or so you can use tools like to find missing emails and replace personal emails with work emails.

In this way you are able to create endless lists of leads of key decision makers in companies that would be dying for your support and services for a fraction of the costs of the providers listed above. In addition you will know that the email lists are custom to your search and less likely to be spammed by cheap competitors as well as up to date on the day you extract the data.

Do you pay for leads?
Do you pay for leads?


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