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Eliminate - Automate - Delegate

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

As our business grows it becomes increasingly important to focus on the tasks that bring most value to our business and cut away the tasks that do not.

There are any number of 'good' and 'useful' tasks that quickly add up and ultimately fill our days and weeks, slowing us down and taking our focus away from the core elements of our business.

An example could be, maintaining multiple social media accounts.

While the extra exposure is helpful, the time taken to maintain the content and value across multiple channels has to be weighed up against the return on investment [ROI] of someone's time.

I'm at point of business growth and am questioning everything I do according to the following three questions:

  1. What can I eliminate?

I have chosen to focus my energies on LinkedIn and Facebook alone and not venture into Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Clubhouse or other social platforms.

While these other social channels are all useful and in no way inferior channels for business development and lead generation, my choice has been to 'eliminate' them as an option and focus on the two channels that will yield the highest return for my business.

I have also chosen to eliminate all possible 'offers' from my menu of services except one.

While it would be possible for me to offer a range of products from digital courses to events and workshop, I have chosen to focus my energy largely on one product that solves a felt need and to make that the best service possible by constant improvement.

2. What can I automate?

Now that I have focused on two social platforms and I have a product that targets a very specific niche market with a specific problem, it's possible for me to automate a lot of my prospecting.

I certainly do not advocate that anyone automate outreach in a spammy or 'mass market' approach as this closes more doors than it opens.

All of us are pitched by cold prospectors all the time and know how annoying this is.

However, sending specific messages with warm offers to specific targeted lists of key decision makers is something that can be efficiently scaled with a few automation tools for LinkedIn, email and Facebook.

This means I can free up my time to handle interested responses and take more calls and ultimately bring on board more clients without spending as much time manually prospecting each day.

3. What can I delegate?

I am also currently in the process of hiring a virtual assistant [VA] who I can delegate many tasks to.

It's likely I will hire a team member internationally, someone with good English and a high level of education and competency but understandably cheaper than a team member in the UK.

Tasks I intend to delegate to my VA include many of the repetitious elements of setting up automation campaigns, handling standard replies and appointment setting, content dissemination across multiple platforms, and research.

This means I can focus on the things that truly bring value to my business - sales calls, client delivery and improving the quality of my programme.

As you experience growth in your business this year - what are you able to Eliminate - Automate - Delegate?

To your success

Eliminate - Automate - Delegate
Eliminate - Automate - Delegate | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london


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