• Jennifer Bishop

Filling Up Your Pipeline With Leads Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the 24/7 networking event or conference of your dreams.

There are several key steps required to using LinkedIn effectively and efficiently to fill up your pipeline with conversations and proposals:

Check the video of these step on YouTube here.

Step One: Optimise our profile so that within 60 seconds people can quickly assess our relevance and authority worth connecting with and engaging in a conversation.

Step Two: Target the right people so are filling our network with quality leads who are ready to buy

Step Three: Craft the right outreach message so that we can secure the first conversation of a relationship that can turn into business. Note - this does NOT entail cold pitching but offering value up front.

Step Four: Share the right content on LinkedIn to raise our authority, relevancy, and distinctiveness to our network and improving awareness and trust.

Step Five: Offer value up front in such a way that the barrier to entry is low [it's free] but the prospect receives immediate help solving a painful problem. This opens the door for a deeper conversation about how your services can solve the problem for the company.

I have filmed a 20 min training on exactly how you can follow these steps to fill up your pipeline with new business every month.

Check out the video training here on YouTube.

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