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How John Created A Predictable System For Getting New Clients

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Check out this short testimonial video featuring "Parenting Dyslexia" coach and consultant John Hicks.

John has been providing coaching and support for parents with children who are diagnosed as dyslexic for many years.

The business was started after John's daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and he experienced first hand many of the challenges parents' face dealing with schools and with support services while also trying to parent a child who increasingly hates school.

John has created masses of valuable content but was struggling to generate inbound leads and position this value in a way that would encourage parents to pay him properly.

We focused on clarifying his value proposition in terms of results for parents and then created an outbound system for engaging them with value which in turn catalysed conversations about how John can best help them.

Fast forward to now and John has increased his prices by 5 x and a steady stream of clients. In John's words, he has a predictable system for generating clients.

I now have a machine where I can crank the handle and business starts to happen according to my actions.

John gained confidence in what he does as a consultant and the ability to articulate what he does clearly and with conviction.

If you would like help with your consulting offer and how to position yourself best to attract more of you ideal client then reach out and we can arrange a short chat.


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