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How Tim Was Able to Land Over 30 New Clients In 2 Months With The Help of LinkedIn

Check out this video sharing how Tim was able to re-target high-ticket decision-makers using LinkedIn to land over 30 new clients in just two months.

Tim runs paid ads to his high ticket offer and captures names and email addresses. He then retargeted these same decision-makers with our help using LinkedIn.

Since these leads have already expressed interest in his offer and are warm leads, we achieved a higher-than-normal connection rate, reply rate, and call booking rate.

This principle would be the same for Tim if he had already established a list of newsletter subscribers or a CRM of previously engaged contacts.

Running campaigns on LinkedIn to warm and hot leads can reap huge rewards for high-ticket offers.

If you want to find out how cost-effective it is to pick up more deals through your paid ad programs, send me a direct message or comment below, and I can share more.

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