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How To Use $3/ hr VAs to Book You 40 Calls A Month

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

If you are a business owner who is spending time on any of the following tasks:

  1. Adding prospects on LinkedIn

  2. Crafting personalized outreach messages for each new connection

  3. Liking and commenting on other people’s posts and content

  4. Posting your content on multiple social media platforms

  5. Handling inbound messages on social media

  6. Withdrawing pending connection requests regularly

  7. Finding valid email addresses for lists of leads

  8. Setting up and sending cold email campaigns to these leads

  9. Checking the inbox health of your cold email campaigns to make sure they are not going into spam or categories

  10. Handling standard replies and sending follow-up messages

  11. Logging leads into your CRM

  12. Booking calls into your calendar

Then I’m sure you appreciate what a considerable time investment this is every week!!

It takes you away from the other important work you need to do:

But it also means that you can’t step away from your work for a week of a holiday without your lead flow drying up!!

To help you out, I have created a brand new training titled How to Use $3/ hr [USD] Virtual Assistants [VAs] to Book You 40 Calls A Month”.

You can check out the free training here.

We are also helping B2B consultancies and agencies to hire, train and manage their own VA in-house to help with the heavy lifting of cold outreach campaigns.

If you would like help to systemize and scale your LinkedIn and cold email campaigns using a VA, then reply to this email, and we can set up a short call.

How To Use $3/ hr VAs to Book You 40 Calls A Month
How To Use $3/ hr VAs to Book You 40 Calls A Month | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency

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