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LinkedIn 101 - Optimising Your LinkedIn Game

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

I recently shared for about 35 mins to a group of entrepreneurs on how to OPTIMISE LinkedIn for premium client generation. We looked at how cold outreach on LinkedIn, a platform hosting 750m decision makers and professionals around the world, is the leanest and most direct method for filling up your pipeline with premium B2B clients.

LinkedIn 101 - Optimising Your LinkedIn Game
LinkedIn 101 - Optimising Your LinkedIn Game | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london

In the short training I shared with them several elements of importance to optimizing your LinkedIn game:

  1. Optimising your profile

  2. Optimising your offer message

  3. Optimising your targeting

  4. Optimising the value you offer

A free replay of this training is available via my free Facebook Group Here. Simply click through and agree to the group rules and you're in ! See you on the inside ! Jen


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