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Offers That Sell

Offers that truly resonate with your market, generate interest in your service, and sell smoothly are not easily created.

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It takes time to refine your offer so that it truly cuts through the noise and creates clients for your business consistently.

Offers that sell contain a few key ingredients.

First they are directed to a very defined group of people.

Not just an industry like accountants or lawyers,

But a specific group of people with a common pain point, a common starting point and common limiting factors that define them as your ideal client.

For example accountants with 5-20 staff which currently are generating less than $50k per month in revenue and generates clients largely via referral and word of mouth and who want to add another $50k monthly recurring revenue in the next 12 months.

Once you have a defined group of people with a defined start point, your offer can be built to solve their pain point and deliver maximum value.

Second, offers speak to a desired outcome and endpoint.

If we take our accountant example further, we can offer to help them generate $50k MRR over the next 12 months.

Note we are not sharing how we do this.

Our method doesn’t matter. What matters is that we can speak to a defined endpoint and outcome.

Because we have become super defined about our ideal client and their start point, we are able to state with more certainty the consistent desired results we can generate.

An offer that is crystal clear with proven results becomes easy to share and easy to respond to.

Third, truly amazing offers, remove any objections or friction so that our ideal client will feel stupid to say not.

This can include giving a guarantee of money back if the desired outcome is not achieved.

Or it can include unique mechanisms that remove time consuming or labour intensive investments.

An example can be your proprietary method, automation software, or outsourcing, delegating and systemising elements of their business.

All in all, if your offer creates a PROVEN DESIRED RESULT in the FASTEST and EASIEST manner, you have the ingredients of a super offer that sells.

To check out more about how to craft your offer that sells check out this short training.

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