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Sales Is Your Business

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Learning to be good at sales is not simply about learning a call framework or sales script, getting good at objection handling, and/or close techniques.

Sales is crafting all your content and copy, sales letters, and videos.

Sales is crafting your outreach messages and follow-up messages.

Sales is conducting a sales call/ messenger chat and closing.

Sales in delivering your service and creating great results.

Sales is nurturing your community both paid and unpaid.

Sales is creating delighted customers who want to refer you to others and to buy again at a higher tier.

Sales is an end-to-end process and every step builds to the next.

If you don't have a great offer, you don't have great copy, you don't get qualified leads, you struggle to close, you struggle to create great results, and never get recurring clients.

Sales Is Your Business
Sales Is Your Business | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency and marketing strategy social media London UK


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