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Saying No To Potential Business

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

When is a good time to say no to a prospect who wants to pay you money?

If you have spent time identifying the type of business or decision maker that you can best help with and creating a solution that is best tailored to their needs, then clients who do not fit this avatar will not see the need for your whole solution.

It’s easy for them to say - well can I pay you one-third of your full fee? or pay you for one or two hours?

However, if we were to begin to work together for an hour, the work would frustrate both them and me because

(a) it’s likely that more details will emerge that need solving and

(b) the methods I offer may not end up helping that much

Back when I started my business and was working with dating coaches, family coaches, personal finance coaches, and more.

The methods I have just frustrated them and we end up having to work together longer to find a solution that does.

I now focus exclusively on B2B consultants who are looking to get high-ticket clients organically on LinkedIn and email,

Because of this, I am able to say NO to a bunch of interested prospects and not waste my or their time.

I am able to help the ones who qualify, much faster and more efficiently because of the bespoke system I have devised which helps them:

  • Nail their offer and value proposition so it resonates with business decision-makers

  • Identify who the key decision makers are in their ideal company and create lists and lists of them

  • Set up outbound organic campaigns across LinkedIn and email to these lists

  • Convert replies of interest into conversations that can turn into sales calls

  • Follow up with leads and nurture a full pipeline of oftentimes multiple 6 figure conversations

  • Automate this process for scale and conversion

Most significantly I can charge higher prices because we can win higher contracts and with these margins, I’m able to invest money back into my own business, systems, and learning so that I can improve all of the above.

If I were to take on every person who is interested in an hour of my time here or there I would not be able to see the results for my clients

Saying no is powerful and I encourage you to say no more often too.

Saying No To Potential Business
Saying No To Potential Business | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london


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