• Jennifer Bishop

Should I Use My Personal LinkedIn Profile or My Business LinkedIn Profile?

The answer is BOTH, however, there your PERSONAL profile is where the connection, messaging, invitation, and relationship building will occur.

LinkedIn is after all a social media, networking site. USE IT!!

Business Profile

  • Runs ads

  • Lists employees, decision-makers and gives facts about the company

  • Shares company posts

  • Shares information about hiring and new roles

  • Back up and credibility behind your personal profile

Personal profile

  • Connects with leads

  • Shares own content with disruptive insights - text and video

  • Builds relationships with a network

  • Builds own authority as a thought leader

  • Demonstrates your unique distinctive experience and role within your team

  • Chats via DMs and send warm invitations

  • Hosts events, roundtables, masterclasses

  • Can conduct market research, polls, surveys

  • Lists recommendations and testimonials from happy clients

  • Found by skills, # hashtags, content, events, groups,

  • Networks, networks, networks

If you do not have an optimised LinkedIn profile then comment below for strategic consultation on how you can generate more leads using LinkedIn.

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