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The One Free Facebook Post That Gained Me 43 Leads, 6 calls and 1 High Ticket Client

You might think that your B2B leads are found only on LinkedIn? Or only found networking or by word of mouth?

Maybe you think that gaining leads might cost you $1k per month in ad spend on platforms like Google or Facebook?

I felt the same way having found 100% of my clients organically on LinkedIn. I felt Facebook was for B2C models not like mine and it required high ad spend which I was not ready to invest.

I thought this ! Until recently.

I began following a few 'organic lead generation' influencers on Facebook. They taught a strategy of joining Facebook groups, building a friends list of the 'ideal client' and posting valuable content from your Facebook profile.

My problem was I had nearly a Facebook profile that I used exclusively for personal communication and keeping in touch with old friends back home. I felt I could not start sharing business content from my personal account without annoying all my old friends and family.

In January 2021, I decided to close my personal Facebook page. I said goodbye to all my friends there and invited them to join me on Instagram, a platform I share personal pics and stories.

I then opened a brand new Facebook account and named and branded it to align with my business. You can check out my Facebook profile here and add me as a friend if you wish. I began adding friends, none of whom I knew and all of whom fitted my ideal client avatar.

I joined groups, I shared content, I added more friends. I set a daily target to add 30-50 new people and to post one piece of content related to my business every day.

As of today 23 Feb 2021 I have 2800 friends on Facebook and almost daily generate leads for my business and by leads I mean email subscribers and sales calls.

On the 12th of February, I shared one piece of content across Facebook and LinkedIn that brought me 43 leads, 6 sales calls and one high ticket client. I currently have 3 more conversations in the pipeline all from this one post alone.

Earlier in January I shared a similar post and gained over 100 leads from one post and one sales call still under negotiation.

If you would like to find out more about generating leads organically from LinkedIn AND Facebook for your business then schedule a free strategy session with me today:

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