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The Power of B2B Campaigns

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

If you have multiple service offerings and solutions,

And you find it hard to articulate your offer and put the full breadth and complexity of what you can do in simple terms.

And if you are stuck using generic language such as "We help businesses solve IT problems."

In a campaign you choose, one EASY, FAST solution with BIG RESULTs.

Then you focus on the defined audience and business type.

It's of critical importance to get hyper-specific with your campaign about their start point and their challenge,

As well as the unique solution you offer and the defined endpoint.

If your EASY, FAST solution is strategic enough to get you in the door

This means you're then positioned to upsell your whole tool kit of offers and ascend the client to a long-term, high-ticket client.

This way, you don't HAVE to use such generic language to talk about everything you do.

You get super specific to open the door.

Then you upsell the rest.

If you want help designing your B2B campaign to get you in the door with high ticket [$10k - $100k] corporates, then comment below or send me a DM, and we can set up a chat.

The Power of B2B Campaigns
The Power of B2B Campaigns | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency and marketing strategy social media London UK

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