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Why Sales Is Like Hospitality

We can feel that sales is an activity that ASKS for people’s time, money, and attention.

Sales is ASKING for business.

Sales entail INVADING someone's space.

Sales is PUSHING people to buy

Sales is the OPPOSITE of serving people, RIGHT?

I used to think so, too, until I followed a guy online who gave great advice about growing a business.

I digested everything he taught about creating a great offer, scaling the business and operations, charging higher fees, etc.

He created so much value that I paid him several thousand dollars to learn from him.

Then one day, he said he was closing down his offer to focus on high-end businesses worth $1m or more.

I felt abandoned.

He was doing me and others in my position a disservice by shutting down his offer because we would lack his input and support.

It was the first time I realized that sales was a service and solving people’s problems is indeed making the world a better place.

I wanted to become a business owner that people would MISS if I were not there to solve their problems.

There are several correlations between sales and hospitality, and here are just a few:

  • Caring for those who suffer [hospitals and hospitality come from the same root word] by fixing broken things and healing hurts

  • Building community by welcoming people into connection with others

  • Concierge people and making invitations for them to the next step

  • Sharing food and drink - nourishing people

A: Sales and hospitality are concerned with caring for those who suffer and solving painful and tangible problems for people and businesses. People will willingly pay a doctor for healing and thank the doctor warmly for the service.

B. Sales and hospitality are about intentionally meeting the right people with a painful and tangible problem and building community. If we gather people of a common interest together, we can continue to deliver value to them. When we bring them into a community and get to know them better, we can always improve the solutions we are building while connecting them to each other and to ourselves more deeply.

C. Sales and hospitality are about inviting people and concierge them to move forward. We don’t wait for people to ask us for solutions. We gather them and then continue to make them offers and give them options, inviting them to seek help in this way or to try that solution. We guide them through the complex process of growth, making it as easy and comfortable as possible.

D. Sales and hospitality are about providing food and drink, nurture, and nourishment. We continue to provide value in education, information, advice, tips, insight, and learnings to keep them strong, growing, and confident of their future.

Our goal as business owners is to become the person others feel abandoned by if you were NOT selling our service to them rather than someone they resent.

Make your sales as good as hospitality, and your business will thrive.

Why Sales Is Like Hospitality | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency
Why Sales Is Like Hospitality | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency


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