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Done For You LinkedIn And Cold Email

Fully Outsource Your Lead Gen to The Experts [4 months minimum recommended]

  • Fully tailored and hands-on messaging process, outreach scripts, campaign optimization, and profile optimization, verbal branding

  • 2-3 Domains, 4-6 Inboxes, 1-2 LinkedIn Profiles

  • Prospect research, validating emails, sending and replying to emails and LinkedIn messages

  • Weekly reports including open rates, reply rates, connection rates, and call booking rates

  • Minimum four-month contract is recommended in order to see the best results

**Done For You LinkedIn and Cold Email**

We have an amazing addition for B2B agencies and companies who are ready to build a consistent strategy of winning $10k - $100k organically via LinkedIn.


The program involves the following things:

1) Getting complete clarity on the ideal client - both the company type, industry, size, and geography as well as the key decision-makers within the company. We focus on the companies that need your expertise and that will pay you the most, right now, for the work that you do.  


We work a lot on understanding the unique benefits you create for your ideal client - not only for the company as a whole in terms of bottom-line benefits but also for the decision-maker/ budget holder and for the direct beneficiary and their team. 

2) Crafting your offer message and cadence to engage cold leads in a systematic manner that addresses a challenge or deep pain they are experiencing. Our outreach scripts and follow-up will get leads saying ‘yes’ to your offer and booking a call with you with amazing smoothness. 

3) Launch outbound campaigns across LinkedIn to the key decision-makers so you have the maximum chance of success reaching the right person of influence inside the company!


4) Setting up systems to consistently follow up efficiently when prospects show interest and report on campaign metrics. 


All the way along we tailor these steps and processes to your business and your offer, meaning you have the best chance of getting results super fast and replies coming in. 


This program is a truly end-to-end system for using organic non-paid strategies to earn $10k - $100k + contracts via LinkedIn. That means it's not just about using the platforms but about nailing your offer, reaching key decision-makers, starting regular conversations, and moving these conversations to sales and contracts. We look at ALL of the above in a comprehensive strategy to make sure that all aspects “flow” and work together well.

The investment is a monthly retainer that ensures a 10x ROI on your investment with new business in your pipeline. 

In order to be a good candidate to get results with the program, you must be a mature and experienced B2B agency or business who have already helped clients with your offer or product and gained proven results. Ideally, you would know the type of business you can help best and enjoy working with but not really have cracked LinkedIn as a method for generating more of them. And, most importantly you must be super passionate about helping people and seeing the results of your consulting offer change businesses and change lives.

We recommend a minimum engagement of three months to start with, as three months is actually about how long it takes for the system to start consistently showing results including tweaking and iterating your offer message and targeting! After that, you can move on a month-by-month basis. 

If interested, simply send me a message. We'll have a quick chat to see if the program is a good fit for you and your business. If so, we can start right away!

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