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We help B2B service providers build a consistent new business pipeline with Linkedin, cold email, and sales systems.

Track Record:

🏅 Nawoc Consulting has generated $140k in new deals over the past 3 months and has a full pipeline of CEO/ Founder conversations.

🏅 UCEA Private Family Office books 40 calls a week using cold email.

🏅Drs Medical Weight Loss used LinkedIn to retarget warm leads in his funnel and closed $2m of new business in 6 weeks.

🏅Tactile Learning, closed $70k of business and generated another $70k of proposals with only 3 months of outreach.

🏅GVG Agency closed two deals and generated $250k pipeline of contracts using LinkedIn and cold email

🏅 Food Forward Consulting landed 3 new deals worth $20k and has another 5 new proposals in the pipeline after only 4 months of outreach.

🏅iProcess Consulting, corporate training and certification group, closed 2 deals worth $30k with email outreach alone and 100 x ROI on investment.

🏅 Square One Digital closed two game changing deals worth $90k and booked an average of 8-10 new client calls each month leveraging LinkedIn and cold email.

We Work Best With:

👉🏼 B2B consultants who currently rely on work by word of mouth or referral and do not have a predictable system for generating conversations with decision-makers

👉🏼 entrepreneurs or B2B service providers who are not leveraging LinkedIn or cold email to generate consistent conversations with decision makers.

👉🏼 Sales managers or sales teams who would like to focus on taking more calls, submitting more proposals, and closing more deals

Our Services Include:

A 3-step collaboration to help you and your team generate sales calls each week with key decision-makers:

Step 1️⃣- We craft a compelling corporate offer and make sure your outbound messaging is strong and on point. We optimize all elements of your foundations including your digital presence and marketing assets.

Step 2️⃣- We create a clear client attraction system, generating conversations with key decision makers using LinkedIn, outbound email campaigns, and integrating key leads into your CRM. We track and measure campaigns for success metrics and iterate.

Step 3️⃣ - We strengthen your systems and processes and install an outsourced appointment-setting team into your business so you can scale your consulting business without adding more hours to your week.

🏆 To schedule your FREE strategy session email me

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  • jen0262

Updated: 7 days ago

Sell quick wins strategy

Anyone marketing a 'secret method to do next to nothing and make a massive passive income' will attract people who want to:

  1. Do nothing and

  2. Pay nothing for results

Every long lasting, successful entrepreneur demonstrates an incredible amount of investment in self development, coaching, business system building, sacrifice of distractions and comforts, mindset upgrade, and excellence in physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

Don't market easy wins; sell SURE wins.

Make the change, and you will ascend to new levels and achieve your goals.

Follow the process, and you will hit your targets.

This outcome is worthy of time investment and financial investment from people who are serious.

Don’t Sell Quick Wins | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK a

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Updated: Feb 20

Business owners are obsessed with leads:

  • Can you guarantee a certain number of calls each month?

  • Can we pay you per qualified booked call?

  • Can you show me results from previous clients and the results they have achieved?

This kind of questioning is because previous lead generation efforts have yielded bad or zero results and naturally companies are wary of losing money.

Also, leads are a major step towards new business, so why NOT obsess about leads?

What’s more, in the presence of the right person, there is a 80% chance of a closed deal - right?

Well, let’s pause and explore that a bit.

At any given moment, only about 3-5% of your market are ready to buy.

In a pool of 100 perfectly right decision makers [the right size, revenue or location] only about 5 will be looking for a solution right now.

How do you [or we] identify the 3-5 people in a room full of 100?

The answer is, we can’t.

What we can do is seek for leads that show some intent behaviors such as googling keywords, posting content or asking in forums about relevant challenges, joining groups, attending events or recruiting for roles.

Second, we can create a powerful message that speaks to the ideal prospects, pains and desires.

In doing so, we call out the leads from the crowd and invite them to find out more.

They essentially self identify by responding to the message.

Now you have potential conversation in your funnel and potential deal in your pipeline.

But what about the other 95%?

Well these form your community, from which you can cultivate a pool of potential future leads, conversations and deals.

B2B lead generation is a piece of a much larger work that entails market research, brand positioning, demand generation, lead generation, sales development, sales conversations, sales enablement and sales conversions.

This is why we talk less and less about leads

And we increasingly talk to companies about building their B2B pipeline of decision makers, conversations, deals and proposals.

Yes we are a lead generation company and this is the service we provide but this only works for service companies that are passionate about building a funnel and a pipeline.

They understand that there are 95% of decision makers who will go into their community, and there are 5% of decision makers that will go into their funnel

And their funnel comprises a pipeline of deals that can and will close over time.

For those who are obsessing about leads, think instead about community and pipeline.

This is far more transformative.

Think Community and Pipeline Not Leads   | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK

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