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Want to hire a team? Let us do it for you. 

If you are busy generating leads for your consulting business using LinkedIn and cold email, you will quickly learn .....

It's time-consuming.

There is prospect research, list building, email validation, adding contacts on LinkedIn, sending messages, replying to messages, and following up with prospects.

Not to mention testing different messages to decision-makers to get the best results.

It's natural to think of adding team members who can handle these tasks - whether a marketing or sales representative or a virtual assistant.

Growing your team can save you time as the CEO and founder to outsource repetitive work to an assistant.

However, hiring a team member is no mean feat. 

How do you know who a quality candidate is?

How do you manage a team remotely if they are virtually working?

What if you train and invest in them, and they leave, and you have to start again from scratch?

What if they just drain your time with questions or deliver sub-par work?

Because of these challenges facing consultants and B2B agencies, we have a done-for-you service where WE MANAGE YOUR outreach for you.

We have qualified team members who can deliver very specific tasks such as B2B prospect research, data validation, and campaign preparation,

We have standard operating procedures [SOPs] enabling them to send and reply to emails and LinkedIn messages, booking calls in your diary weekly.

As part of our service, we handle everything about your campaigns until a booked call. 

We provide tracking, reports, and KPIs

We work with you on campaign strategy, scripts, and targets so you can have full visibility of the campaign's progress.

It also allows you to be fully hands-free and focus on handling clients, taking sales calls, and growing your business. 

If you are interested in a fully done-for-you service for B2B cold outreach using LinkedIn and cold email, then email , and we can talk.

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Why do people network? Join golf clubs, members clubs, or exclusive alumni networks? 

Why do people publish books, win awards, and create blogs and podcasts? 

Why do people speak at conferences and run webinars and events? 

Because when selling B2B high-ticket services, 60% of the decision is made before a meeting. 

92% of B2B prospects are open to speaking to a thought leader about their challenges.

How do you beat out the big brands? 

  • Network 

  • Become a thought leader 

  • Create distinction and authority. 

LinkedIn is the 24/7 networking event, conference platform, and digital publishing company of your dreams.

Adding new leads daily, sharing valuable content weekly, and running regular events, webinars, and invitations to a conversation monthly, even the smallest consultancy can stack its calendar full of conversations.

If you would like help pre-selling your service to leads using the biggest networking platform for B2B decision-makers, comment below, and we can set up a time to chat.

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When selling B2B consulting and services, we must think about how our prospects make buying decisions. 

When a business considers hiring an expert to deliver a 5-figure or 6-figure contract they ask themselves a series of questions. 

It doesn’t matter whether they need to improve sales processes, manage a huge IT project, provide expert safety strategy, or create a carbon-neutral supply chain, the buying decision follows a similar process. 

They ask themselves:

Who have we worked with before? Who do we know in our network? Who do our competitors use? 

The key here is AWARENESS. 

Buying decisions start with WHO THEY KNOW. 

This is why traditional B2B consultants and service providers join the golf club, actively participate in alumni networks and go to networking events. 


Building relationships is so key when selling high-ticket 5-figure and 6-figure services. 

The second question a business decision-maker asks is:

Who is an expert in this area? Who did we hear speak about this at a conference? Have we read someone’s book on this topic? Have we heard a podcast or interview from an expert?

The key here is AUTHORITY. 

Buying decisions move to  WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY HELP THEM

This is why traditionally b2b consultants and service providers seek to speak at conferences, facilitate workshops and breakout sessions, and deliver keynotes, masterclasses, and webinars. 

The key is to become a thought leader, one that people UNDERSTAND has a unique solution that can solve unique problems. 

The third question a business decision-maker asks is:

Who works with companies just like us with our unique challenges and characteristics? 

The key here is RELEVANCE. 

You do not need to be the biggest brand in the market or the greatest authority, but if you are uniquely relevant and distinct, able to solve problems for a specific niche in the market you can beat out the big guys. 

They key here is to share case studies and telling your own story well you can show how you are able to solve very specific problems with unique distinctions. 

When we understand how B2B buying decisions are made and know that AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING, and RELEVANCE are all critical, this helps us with our sales process. 

LinkedIn is your 24/7 networking, conference, and content-sharing platform. 

You don’t need to join the golf club [although by all means do that too]. 

You don’t need to attend conferences and network events [although of course, they’re great]. 

You don’t need to publish a book, have a podcast or a blog to be distinct and relevant. 

You just need to leverage LinkedIn. 

  1. Connect with the right people. 

  2. Share the right content. 

  3. Offer the right value. 

Systemise this process for consistency. 

With these simple steps you can be filling your pipeline with 5-figure and 6-figure deals all day every day.

  How B2B Buying Decisions Are Made | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK

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