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When it comes to business development, lead generation, and sales - many people are afraid.

It’s awkward to feel spammy or pitchy when reaching lots of people.

It’s hard to hear “No” when offers are made.

It’s confusing if someone says “Yes” and you don’t feel quite ready.

It’s easier to focus on what you do best and wish someone else would handle the outreach and sales.

However, securing regular conversations and sales leads is the lifeblood of any business.

Without it, very good businesses die.

Most consultants and service providers who are responsible for their own business pipeline have to face the difficult reality.

Sell or die.

I always tell B2B consultants and service providers - action beats fear.

Setting a daily target to reach 20 people is far better than once a month trying to send 400 messages.

Target the RIGHT people of course.

Tailor your message so it’s about THEM [not you] and offer genuine VALUE.

Follow up with MORE VALUE.

Manage your expectations and track ratios and KPIs to ensure you are on target.

If you send 100 messages per week, 20 per day.

Expect a 4% positive reply rate.

That’s 3 to 4 leads each week for every 100 cold messages.

Depending on your sales closing rate that’s one new client each week.

Want more? Increase your outreach.

Want less, simply decrease.

Accept NO in the course of life [And thank them for taking the time to reply]

Analysis paralysis will kill a good business.

Wanting someone else to bring in leads or waiting for referrals will limit cash flow considerably.

However, regular cold outreach [ACTION] will trump fear any day.

Action Beats Fear | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london UK
Action Beats Fear | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london UK

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  • jen0262

Want to hire a team? Let us do it for you.

If you are busy generating leads for your consulting business using LinkedIn and cold email, you will quickly learn ..... it's time-consuming.

There is prospect research, list building, email validation, adding contacts on LinkedIn, sending messages, replying to messages, and following up with prospects.

Not to mention testing different messages to decision-makers to get the best results.

It's natural to think of adding team members who can handle these tasks - whether a marketing or sales representative or a virtual assistant.

Growing your team can save you time as the CEO and founder to outsource repetitive work to an assistant.

However, hiring a team member is no mean feat.

How do you know who a quality candidate is?

How do you manage a team remotely if they are virtually working?

What if you train and invest in them, and they leave, and you have to start again from scratch?

What if they drain your time with questions or deliver sub-par work?

Because of these challenges facing consultants and B2B agencies, we have launched a done-for-you service where WE MANAGE YOUR outreach for you.

We have qualified team members who can deliver specific tasks such as B2B prospect research, data validation, and campaign preparation,

We have standard operating procedures [SOPs] enabling them to send and reply to emails and LinkedIn messages, booking calls in your diary weekly.

As part of our service, we handle everything about your campaigns until a booked call.

We provide tracking, reports, and KPIs

We work with you on campaign strategy, scripts, and targets so you can have full visibility of the campaign's progress.

It also allows you to be fully hands-free and focus on handling clients, taking sales calls, and growing your business.

If you want a fully done-for-you service for B2B cold outreach using LinkedIn and cold email, email me, and we can talk.

Want To Hire A Team?  Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london
Want To Hire A Team? Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london

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  • jen0262

60% Of The High Ticket Buying Decisions Happens Before The First Meeting

  • Why do people network? Join golf clubs, members clubs, or exclusive alumni networks?

  • Why do people publish books, win awards, and create blogs and podcasts?

  • Why do people speak at conferences and run webinars and events?

Because when selling B2B high-ticket services, 60% of the decision is made before a meeting.

92% of B2B prospects are open to speaking to a thought leader about their challenges.

How do you beat out the big brands?

  • Network

  • Become a thought leader

  • Create distinction and authority.

LinkedIn is the 24/7 networking event, conference platform, and digital publishing company of your dreams.

Adding new leads daily, sharing valuable content weekly, and running regular events, webinars, and invitations to a conversation monthly, even the smallest consultancy can stack its calendar full of conversations.

If you would like help pre-selling your service to leads using the biggest networking platform for B2B decision-makers, comment below, and we can set up a time to chat.

Pre Sell Your Service |  Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london UK
Pre Sell Your Service | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency

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