One of the most critical and foundational parts of using LinkedIn is optimising your profile. Check out what I mean here. You have between 5-20 seconds to leave an impression with a stranger that you are someone of value and relevance. If your LinkedIn profile not optimised, you are missing valuable opportunities to land conversations and deals. Turning your LinkedIn profile into a sales landing page means you don’t even need a website to grow your business. Check out this short training on how you can start filling your pipeline with 5-fig and 6-fig deals simply by making some tweaks to your LinkedIn profile. Watch the training here. To find out more about how you can be generating regular $10k to $100k deals using LinkedIn and cold email, comment below, and we can set up a chat.

David Graham, sales trainer and founder of The Customer Experience, was stuck relying on a sizeable associate partner, which would take a chunk of every client fee.

David started working with me when he was ready to generate more clients and take on more creative projects of his own.

Check out David's story here.

We worked on optimising his LinkedIn outreach, tapping into his already existing network, sharpening his message, and putting the systems and processes in place to generate new leads regularly.

Since December 2021, David has been able to land three large 5-figure contracts of which he can keep 100% of the revenue for himself.

He is in a position to gradually reduce his reliance on any associate or referred work and scale some of these contracts into multi-year 6 -figure deals.

See the full interview here.

To find out more about how you can leverage LinkedIn and cold email to generate more $10k - $100k contracts regularly, comment below, and we can set up a short chat.

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  • Jennifer Bishop

Is it worth it? What automation tool should I use?

If you are a B2B consultant or agency owner who is currently using LinkedIn and cold email as a lead generation method, then you know that:

  • manually researching leads,

  • personalising outreach,

  • adding connections on LinkedIn,

  • finding and validating email addresses,

  • sending and replying to messages,

  • nurturing relationships and following up leads

  • booking calls

…..can be VERY time-consuming.

A more cost-effective option is to use automation or tools designed to automate various tasks and cut down the time-consuming heavy lifting parts of the job.

The types of automation tools that I have experimented with include:

  • AI generated personalised lines [$99 USD/ month]

  • Personalised image or GIF creator [$99 USD/ month]

  • Email cleaning and validation [$30-$50 USD/ month]

  • Email sending [$30-$50 USD/ month per inbox]

  • LinkedIn connecting, liking and commenting, follow up messaging [$15 - $99 USD/ month]

  • Zaps such as logging leads into the CRM or triggering workflows [$10 USD/ month]

That’s between $200 USD - $500 USD per month [or more].

However, automation is limited.

While automation can radically shorten some tasks, pieces of work still need to be connected and coordinated by a human.

What automation CAN NOT do includes:

  • Create lists of target prospects

  • Research leads and create in-depth personalised outreach messages

  • Set up LinkedIn and email campaigns

  • Reply to messages

  • Follow up leads

  • Book calls

Moreover, automation tools are flawed and can create errors such as inserting the wrong name into a dynamic placeholder or they are limited in judgment to filter leads in a given list.

A human is still required to set up automation workflows and combine steps to handle anything unexpected or remotely intuitive or emotional.

So while automation is helpful, like any tool or software, it can never replace a human and require humans to steer and guide them.

Enter virtual assistants or VAs.

A VA is a junior staff member or offshore contractor who can handle large pieces of repetitive and manual tasks required to generate leads while maintaining a human touch.

A virtual assistant can:

  • Replace or manage an automated tool

  • Combine the automated steps and fulfil the tasks that automation cannot do [such as building lists or researching leads]

  • Humanise outreach and responses, catching errors before they occur

Moreover, an offshore VA costs similar to or marginally higher than automation tools, around $3/hr or $500 per month.

Having a full-time VA can help you streamline and systemise much of your processes and genuinely free you up to lead your team, focus on client delivery, handle sales calls and be the CEO of your company.

If you want help hiring and managing a VA, I can help you. Comment below or reply to this thread, and we can set up a short chat.

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