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Who else finds business good therapy?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

  • You have to take on risks in order to grow

  • you have to grow new skills and new mental maps to understand business, finance, and sales

  • you have to think creatively in order to problem solve for others

  • you have to deal with your own fears that make you shrink away from rejection,

  • you have to lean into negotiation and speak up when you feel like avoiding conflict

  • you have to show up with confidence when you don't feel confident

  • You have to accept criticism when it’s right and apologize; put aside criticism when it’s wrong

  • You have to boldly ask for the sale

  • You have to rigorously organize, record-keep, track and measure even if you don’t like the minor details

  • you have to discipline urges to be distracted or jump to a new shiny idea

  • you have to focus and work when you don’t feel motivated

  • you have to respond to others' doubts and questions on sales calls with agility,

  • you have to accept smokescreens, ghosting, and lack of communication from prospects with equanimity

  • you have to constantly seek to understand others and your own blind spots

  • you have to sacrifice the short-term pain for the long-term gain

  • you have to keep trying even when it feels like things are failing

The list is endless. What else have you learned from running a business?


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