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Cold outreach to new B2B prospects is hard.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

To quickly connect with and open a conversation with a B2B decision-maker is an art and science.

  • If you talk about what you do and ask if they are interested...... [DECLINE]

  • If you try to educate a cold prospect on your unique method..... [DECLINE]

  • If you show or demonstrate your product or service......[DECLINE]

Company reps are people with goals and objectives, dreams, and desires.

The company they represent measures its success in terms of profit, productivity, or company profile.

They are worried about the risk, the cost, the time, and the complexity of potential solutions.

They have quotas, metrics, and measures by which they are held accountable.

If you can understand the unique pains and desires of the human being, you connect with them.

And if you can show [quickly] that you can help them achieve these goals or overcome these pains.

Then you have a warm lead.

  • Education comes next.

  • The product demonstration comes next.

  • The bespoke method comes next.

Cold B2B conversations are as simple [and complex] as understanding the person you are connecting with.

And what they need and desire.

Cold outreach to new B2B prospects is hard
Cold outreach to new B2B prospects is hard, Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency and marketing strategy social media London UK


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