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Set Up Your Own Lead Generation Machine

Entrepreneurs, Agency Owners, CEOs, founders ...

....set up your entire organic B2B lead generation and appointment setting system in-house.

This process works best for you if you are already generating leads through paid ads or organic funnels and have a CRM, email newsletter, a large community of leads, or a network you need to tap into properly.

If you have a proven sales process and a proven offer worth $5k, $10k, $100k, or higher, you need to set more appointments and more time to message and follow up with everyone.

This is an entirely done with you process that includes us setting up the processes [and team if you need] to do the following:

  1. Data research - build custom lists and clean your existing lists.

  2. LinkedIn organic and DM appointment setting - no automation, no LinkedIn bans

  3. Cold email campaigns, including follow-ups, no spam traps, high deliverability, and open rates.

  4. Content creation [yes, weekly blogs, newsletters, emails] and content posting across all social channels. We use AI and our team to research, write and edit content. You get full editorial rights on all weekly content.

  5. DM appointment setting across any active platform: FB groups, your Skool group, your discord channel, Instagram DMs, Twitter DMs, and any channel you can think of.

  6. Hire more VAs any time you want, replace your current VAs - we recruit, hire and onboard the team, including all SOPS and trackers.

Start booking high ticket $10k - $100k clients using the B2B channels of LinkedIn and cold email.

But don’t stop there.....

DM appointment set on every social channel or all your online community platforms to follow up on all your warm leads

Don’t leave any money on the table.

Get the best ROI on all your marketing and advertising campaigns with an organic follow-up system.

It takes eight weeks to set up and create a fully operational system and results are seen in the first week of outreach and follow up.

We recently helped Tim book 20 clients in 6 weeks with his biz op offer and close nearly $2m of business, so we know this works.

DM me for more information if you’d like to know more

Set Up Your Own Lead Generation Machine | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency in London UK
Set Up Your Own Lead Generation Machine | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency


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