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What You Measure Grows, And Grows

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

In his book, 'The Four Disciplines of Execution' - Sean Covey talks about LAG and LEAD measures.

LAG measures growth are our success goals - such as losing weight or making a certain income target, etc.

They are called LAG measures grows because they are the result of behaviours that we do regularly.

However, they are often forgotten.

We usually focus on LAG measures and get frustrated when we cannot seem to achieve our goals.

On the other hand, LEAD measures grows are what we can control and execute daily.

For this reason, it is essential first to identify the LEAD measures that contribute to success.

  • # of pieces of content shared on social platforms,

  • # of outreach messages sent via email or LinkedIn

  • # of conversations started,

  • # of calls booked,

  • # of calls completed,

  • # of sales made.

Once LEAD measures are identified, you can track and measure your daily progress.

Measuring and tracking your achievements means you regain control of hitting your LAG measures and your success targets.

What are you measuring today?

What You Measure Grows, And Grows
What You Measure Grows, And Grows, Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency and marketing strategy social media London UK

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