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Want Frictionless Selling?

We get asked all the time if we work on a revenue share, or commission basis.

Or guarantee the number of booked calls every single month.

However such guarantees rely on frictionless selling

And this really depends on the market-message resonance of this particular offer to a cold audience.

Of course it is natural to want a lead generator to “have skin in the game” and to be motivated by and compensated by numbers of booked calls or revenue generated…..

But to set up an commission based agreement the company itself needs to have the following ducks in a row:

  • A proven offer that is what the market wants and needs

  • A no brainer introductory offer such as a free trial, up front complementary audit, free training or free strategy or blueprint to allow cold leads to engage without high commitment

  • A clearly defined ideal client decision maker based on job title or role in a company, industry, geography, company revenue and so forth

  • A plug and play sales script for email and LinkedIn

Only then can a company engage lead generators to book calls on a commission basis - because they know the system works and the providers will be rewarded for hard work.

Otherwise the company is asking the lead generator to carry the burden of all their marketing and sales efforts

And if these are underdeveloped the campaigns are set to fail.

Ideal conditions for a successful cold lead generation system for a high ticket service require the following:

  • Active successful lead generation strategies in place outside of referred business or word of mouth [Events, networking, association memberships, speakership, book sales etc.]

  • Excellent case studies formulated and published that demonstrate this offer creating great results with an ideal client

  • A sales letter or sales page that clearly articulates the offer and who it’s for and how the results are achieved

  • Active social media that displays thought leadership and audience engagement

  • Brand consistency across website, socials, and all copy and messaging

  • An email newsletter or blog that prospects can subscribe to and hear more

  • A strong sales call process and internal follow up so that booked calls turn into closed deals smoothly

  • A large pre built list of warm leads stored in a CRM that simply need to be retargeted for a fresh conversation

If a prospect does not have any of these in place and has either never tried cold outreach

…………there are almost no guarantees that can help them.

Lead generators will burn out and the company will get jaded that marketers are all scammers and frauds.

The reality is you have to SELL in order to sell.

By this I mean, you have to run a lot of messages to a cold market to test what works.

You have to rigorously test the market message resonance to understand how your service can be positioned for optimal value creation.

You have to experiment with a “no brainer” introductory session that catches the attention of a cold audience and allows them to get to know you or your company.

Frictionless selling requires a great deal of market testing and iteration.

As a result we have created the GROWTH BLUEPRINT.

This is a one time 8 week service to complete the following for your business:

  • Market research of your ideal client [30+ interviews]

  • Market message testing for optimal offer design

  • Founder story articulation

  • Company brand story and brand message blueprint

  • Case study formulation

  • Sales letter creation

  • Content and thought leadership blueprint

  • Sales script blueprint

Once you have these assets in place, you can feasibly build a commission based sales outreach system because you have the infrastructure in place to ensure your lead generators are set up for success.

If you are interested in creating a GROWTH BLUEPRINT for your company, and then strapping on a commission based sales and lead generation system, DM me below for more information.

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