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Don’t Talk About What You Do

A classic mistake in B2B conversations and cold outreach I see all the time is people talk in terms of what you do.

  • I run Facebook ads.

  • I build funnels and landing pages.

  • I’m an SEO expert.

  • I coach executive leaders on transition planning.

  • I sell luxury holiday homes and exotic real estate to wealthy individuals and family trusts.

The problem with doing this is people don't know if what you do is relevant to them.

Often what you're saying is technical mumbo jumbo.

Nearly any message about what you do is ONLY relevant to super hot leads who are:

  1. Aware they have a problem

  2. Aware a solution exists out there to their problem

  3. Aware that you and your services are likely to be able to solve this problem in a reasonable time frame.

For most people you meet, what you do will not make sense to them.

This is because they:

  1. Are not aware that what you do is likely to solve a problem that they have

  2. Might not even be aware of what solution exists to solve their problem

  3. Might not even be entirely aware of what problem they have but they are experiencing challenges in their business or life.

In order to potential leads talk about the results you create for a certain demographic or niche.

The leads you encounter are much more able to connect to you and your relevance to them.

If you say ‘I help trades and services bring in 5 -10 leads a week without paying any advertising costs.’ - this is waaaaay more clear.

They know WHO you help and HOW you help them.

What you do [in this case SEO] is not even listed in that statement.

These details come later.

When selling B2B results fall into the broad categories of:

  • Profit

  • Productivity

  • Profile

You can help companies increase revenue or decrease costs.

You can help teams and leaders be more productive and higher achieving [which in turn makes the company more profitable]

Or you can help the company's reputation or brand engagement or customer loyalty [which in turn makes the company more profitable].

Basically, every B2B message should state results in terms of financial benefit.

In brief, turn all your communications into the results you create.

You’ll get a much better response from the right people !!

Don’t Talk About What You Do, B2B conversations | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency in London UK
Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency in London UK


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