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Why Cold Traffic Is Where The Big Sales Are

Filling up your pipeline with high-ticket clients is as simple as knowing the different types of leads to target and how:

  • Hot

  • Warm

  • Cold

Each of these types requires slightly different information to move them towards spending money with you.

The first group of leads is super hot.

These are usually your email list and people who know you well and know your offer.

A hot prospect is aware of your name and your product and has realized that it can satisfy this desire.

You can speak to your hot leads in terms of your product and process and they understand what you mean because they know how it links to the results they want.

If they have not bought from you already, they might in the future and are just biding their time until they're ready to invest.

The second group of leads is warm.

They are usually your Facebook or LinkedIn connections or social media followers.

A warm lead is someone looking for a solution to a problem but doesn’t know as much about you or details about your process yet..

You must speak to your warm leads regarding their desire, results, outcomes, benefits, and impacts, not your product.

This messaging will encourage them to move towards you to find out more about you and potentially invest.

The third group of leads is cold.

Cold leads are of course everybody else in the world who matches your ideal client avatar in terms of demographics, for a company is their location, size, industry, and so on.

A cold lead is a decision maker who is not really aware of what they are seeking in terms of a solution but they have a defined problem.

They may not even realize that there’s a solution out there that will help them but they know they have a problem and it is painful.

You must speak [or write copy] to your cold leads in terms of their pressing challenge and pains and crystalize this into a specific need.

This will engage them to find out more and begin to see how not only there might be a solution to this problem that fulfills a desire, but also how your solution can bridge that gap.

The best thing is....

The cold market is usually the largest. If you can connect with them, that’s how you break into the world of BIG sales.

Of course, it’s important to nurture leads at every stage of your funnel - hot, warm, and cold leads however ...

it's cold outreach that taps into the BLUE OCEAN of big sales.

Filling your pipeline with leads who:

  1. have a painful problem you can solve,

  2. can become aware there is a solution out there that can help them,

  3. can become aware that your solution can create their desired results,

  4. can learn to trust that your solution will get them results in a defined time frame

This is the secret sauce to filling your calendar with high-ticket business clients!!

If you want a strategy to reach out to cold leads and bring them into your pipeline get in touch.

The world of big sales awaits you.

Why Cold Traffic Is Where The Big Sales Are | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK
Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK


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