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Why LinkedIn And Cold Email

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

People ask me why I recommend LinkedIn AND email for B2B cold outreach.

Of course, I use Facebook as well [and email and blog posts] but definitely far and away, LinkedIn and cold email are the two channels where B2B consultant and businesses leads can be found.

LinkedIn is rich with personal profiles, and heaps of social intent data about leads such as who people are networking with, what events they are attending, whether they are hiring, what groups they participate in, what content they are sharing, whether the company is going through a merger, how new they are in their role and so on and so forth.

LinkedIn is the place to GET TO KNOW your prospect and to inform your cold outreach.

However, LinkedIn is only 50% of the equation.

Many niches such as trades, bricks-and-mortar businesses, healthcare businesses [doctors, dentists], and more are not on LinkedIn at all.

Many key decision-makers are not accessible via LinkedIn even if they have a profile. This is either because they are not active on LinkedIn or because they’re unresponsive to cold connections.

As a result, you can connect with and message key people but they just won’t see your message or reply. And it’s nothing to do with your service not being of interest.

Email is the PERFECT supplement to LinkedIn because EVERY industry and demographic is reachable via email

Many of the people who are on LinkedIn but entirely unresponsive there, can and will be very open and warm on email.

Some people who see your message on LinkedIn might forget it but when they see a second message on email might then pick up the conversation and reply. And vice versa.

As a result, a multi channel outbound campaign across LinkedIn and email is a great way to secure the most interested leads.

If LinkedIn doesn’t work, email might. If email doesn’t work, LinkedIn might.

If a secretary reads and filters emails, a LinkedIn connection and DM might get right to the decision maker.

If a new email is read in haste and forgotten, a LinkedIn message might reignite the conversation and vice versa.

Of course there are ENDLESS marketing channels and methods including paid ads, SEO, cold calling, postal mail, conferences and events and more.

ALL of them work well and have different strengths and weaknesses.

However LinkedIn and cold email outbound are the two channels that work the best for B2B high ticket consulting cold lead generation.

If you are interested in generating new B2B leads organically through LinkedIn and cold email then my 12 week B2B High Tickets Bootcamp might be just the thing for you.

We work closely for 3 months to refine who you are targeting [the key decision maker and how to find them], setting up and launching cold outbound campaigns including the whole messaging process and then systemise the outreach for maximum results.

The whole process is done-with-you so you have a process that will work for you and your team in the months and years to come.

We monitor your campaigns for KPIs and metrics and make sure they are optimised for the best results.

You can expect [depending on your offer] 5-10 new leads per week if you follow the process fully.

That's 20-40 new leads a month and depending on your close rate, new business in your pipeline on a regular basis.

If this is of interest to you then message me and we can set up a chat to discuss how it can work for you.

Why LinkedIn And Cold Email
Why LinkedIn And Cold Email | Jen Bishop consulting lead generation agency london


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